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"This was amazing, I felt like nothing was done in my mouth." - Lisa Beauford

"A note of appreciation for my greatly reduced pain by your laser technique surgery for gum disease. Relying on my past experiences with traditional periodontal surgery, I was naturally anxious about my anticipated painful recovery, removal of stitches and tenderness during eating. I thought your predictions for my almost painless recovery was just a sympathetic bedside psychology. It was not. After the second day of surgery all I felt was the soreness from the numbing needle injections. I was especially happy that I did not need to stop my Coumadin therapy since I experienced no bleeding from the laser surgery. I have shared my unexpected, almost painless experience with family, friends and my family dentist. Thanks again and give yourself, your staff and technology a mahalo nui loa!" - Melvin Lang, Phd

"The results were incredible. I should have done this procedure years ago! No post operative pain to speak of." - James Kearns

"Much better than conventional surgery." - Barney McKeague

"I highly recommend doing the entire procedure at one visit. It was better to do it all at once." - James Gilbow

"I didn’t feel any pain…is that a good thing?" - Dr. Lana Kaopua

"After surgery I was a little sore when I went home, but the next morning I felt just wonderful. I had no pain." - Ewalani Belknap

"This was the absolute best experience I have ever had while receiving dental care. It feels like the doctor and staff have a genuine concern for my problems. Dr. Braden Seamons actually is excited about his field and in his equipment and procedures. No one looks forward to the dentist, but this could be the exception…thank you again for your wonderful care." - Robert Joyce, Owner
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"Dr. Braden Seamons and his team give excellent care. I was treated with the laser surgery and it was quick, effective and best of all, painless. The education provided with the procedure helped me to understand how to really care for my smile. Mahalo, Dr. Braden Seamons!" - Christy Martin

It was like night and day…whomever came up with the laser is a "GENIUS". - Alehandro Barcenas

Periocare, the office of Braden C. Seamons, DDS is the most technologically advanced periodontal practice in Hawaii. Our innovative approach includes state of the art Laser Surgery, an implant system with unequalled biologic compatibility and 21st century 3D Imaging.