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Unlike natural teeth, a dental implant will not develop tooth decay. However, in the same way, periodontal disease compromises the support and stability of natural teeth, peri-implant disease jeopardizes the stability and longevity of a dental implant. Peri-implantitis, the more advanced form of peri-implant disease, is characterized by inflammation of the soft tissues and bone loss that can result in eventual implant failure. 

If you notice bleeding gums and inflammation around your dental implant, or it feels mobile, it's essential to contact our office for an evaluation and care. With early intervention and treatment, the health and function of dental implants affected by peri-implantitis can often be restored. 


When treating peri-implantitis, the goals include managing and resolving the infection, cleaning the implant surface, and regenerating the supporting bone. Dr. Seamons has extensive experience in all areas of implant surgery and the treatment of periodontal conditions affecting the success and stability of dental implants.  

In cases of bone loss, treatment typically involves a regenerative procedure to reduce the defect and restore the alveolar, aka supporting bone around the implant. By performing a regenerative procedure/bone graft, Dr. Seamons helps restore the lost bone volume while providing a platform or "scaffolding" for new bone growth.

Dr.Seamons uses the latest technology and proven methods of care to reconstruct areas of tissue loss to improve the support and health of the gums and bone around the dental implant.

The case below illustrates the restoration of bone support for a dental implant affected by peri-implantitis


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