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A beautiful smile not only radiates personal warmth, but it also illuminates your face and accentuates your best features. Ideally, when you smile, your teeth and the right amount of gum tissue should be evident.

During your visit, we analyze every aspect of your smile. In addition to assessing your periodontal health, we also take a look at the aesthetics of your smile. If your smile isn’t all it should be because of the appearance of the gums and supporting tissues around the teeth, we’ll recommend the best course of care to improve its look.

For patients with a “gummy” smile, or front teeth that appear too small because of excess tissue coverage, we offer periodontal procedures to dramatically improve the look of your smile. By performing a minor surgical procedure, we can reduce and re-contour the tissue covering the involved front teeth to achieve optimal aesthetics.

Other periodontal issues can also take a toll on smile aesthetics. Gum recession can diminish one’s appearance by creating a “long in the tooth” look. This cosmetic issue, along with the oral health consequences associated with receding gums, can often be resolved by performing a gingival graft to replace the soft tissue over the exposed area of the tooth. We can also repair unsightly indentations caused by the development of bony defects following the extraction of a tooth with ridge augmentation procedures.

Whatever the case may be, you can rest assured that the look, health, and function of your smile are in the best of hands at our office.

Periocare, the office of Braden C. Seamons, DDS is the most technologically advanced periodontal practice in Hawaii. Our innovative approach includes state of the art Laser Surgery, an implant system with unequalled biologic compatibility and 21st century 3D Imaging.