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As a result of advances in care, several remarkable procedures, which promote the body’s ability to self-heal have been developed. In the field of periodontics, new treatments based upon tissue engineering and other regenerative approaches to care offer promise for restoring the health of the tissues supporting and surrounding the teeth. 

Guided Bone Regeneration

Guided bone regeneration is a dental procedure that is used for increasing bone mass in cases where vertical and/or horizontal defects in the jawbone exist. It is a reliable method for re-establishing hard tissue volume in areas of bone loss, which has taken place in the upper or lower jaw as the result of periodontal disease, trauma, cyst or tumor surgery, as well as after a dental extraction.

During a guided bone regeneration procedure, a special membrane is positioned to cover a newly placed bone graft in the area of a bony defect. This membrane facilitates new growth of bone while preventing any growth of unwanted soft tissue into the area. Guided bone regeneration can help enable the placement of dental implants for cases in which implants would otherwise not be possible.

Platelet Rich Fibrin

Platelet Rich Fibrin, when placed in a dental surgical site, promotes faster soft tissue and bone healing. Harvested from a small sample of a patient’s own blood before the procedure, Platelet Rich Fibrin offers a completely safe method for improving and accelerating the recovery and healing process.

 Platelet Rich Fibrin contains growth factors, which stimulate and attract stem cells to the dental surgical site to enhance post-operative healing. While accelerating both tissue regeneration and growth, PRF also provides a natural scaffold for cell proliferation that supports the recovery process and protects the open wound from the oral environment as well as an infection. 

The use of Platelet Rich Fibrin has applications across a range of dental surgical procedures, including bone grafting for the placement of dental implants, guided bone regeneration, ridge augmentation, the repair of bony defects following tooth removal, sinus lifts and the treatment of facial trauma. With the use of Platelet Rich Fibrin, the risks of complications and infection during the recovery process are decreased. While speeding up and improving the quality of healing is essential for all patients who are undergoing a surgical procedure, platelet-rich fibrin may be particularly helpful for patients with medical conditions that interfere with healing.

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