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Maintenance Therapy

Dental-Hygiene-3One of the key elements of controlling periodontology disease is routine maintenance therapy. In addition to definitive treatment and effective home care, you must have routine cleanings by a hygienist. Typically, you should have your teeth cleaned every 3 to 4 months depending on your specific level of stability. The ideal approach is to alternate between your general dentist and the periodontist.

The goal of periodontal treatment is to decrease your pockets – the space between your tooth and gums – to a depth that you can maintain on your own. Although we are, overall, very effective at accomplishing this goal, there are usually sites that continue to be challenging for you to maintain on your own. By addressing these areas on 3-4 month regimen, together, we can keep you stable! If sites continue to probe greater than 5 millimeters in depth, it is often beneficial to numb the area so the hygienist can definitively clean the area and keep you comfortable.

One more thing, ask your hygienist to disclose you with disclosing solution to see just how effective YOU are at home care!