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Cosmetic Procedures

Smile Line Enhancement:

When a patient’s gums come down too far on to the tooth, it can make the tooth look smaller than it should be. This can be corrected with a simple procedure to make the teeth look bigger!

If a patient has a “gummy” smile, we can improve the appearance. Treatment may require crowns and/or veneers to optimize the result.

If the patient’s gums have receded and there are dark spaces between the teeth, we can often regenerate gum tissue between the teeth. Sometimes, it is challenging to optimize this presentation but there are solutions to even the toughest case!

The patient can present with an uneven “smile line” where some of the teeth may look shorter or longer than the others. It is usually straight forward to address this presentation.

Gingival Recession:

When the gums have receded and the root of tooth is exposed, we can readily perform tissue grafts to cover the roots! The patient’s own tissue as well as donor tissue can be used.